BOSS has a single-minded attitude when it comes to safety—ZERO incidents. Anything else is unacceptable. Pair this attitude with the mindset of being the best at everything we do, and you have an unrivalled industrial services powerhouse bringing your project to completion safely and efficiently.

Our agility allows us to respond the moment there is a need. We pride ourselves in our all-hands approach. Your site team will consist not only of onsite management, but is fully supported by the executive management group and our in-house engineering department. These two groups don’t simply disappear after the planning phase. We stay apprised of project performance and remain physically present throughout the project.

  • Safest, most efficient scaffold system on the market
  • Superior and experienced management at all levels
  • XLerator scaffold management system
  • Owner and manufacturer of system
  • In-house engineering

Tracking & Monitoring

BOSS is able to report real-time data with its XLerator proprietary scaffold software system. This comprehensive proprietary software system allows for real-time cost tracking and scaffold monitoring (both labor and rental) and captures all of this data in a user-friendly database for future reference.

Unlike many other systems, XLerator is logic based and can provide all of the data in a standard cubic foot basis. This makes the system easily auditable and can track all aspects of your business so that all costs can be monitored. This information can be provided on a daily basis, with summaries being available on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Proprietary SIPA craft management system
  • Unit price per cubic foot, per square foot and per leg foot cost estimates
  • Committed and fixed labor values
  • Rental management database tool
  • Auto-generating KPIs
  • Scaffold tracking capabilities
  • Billing module
  • Safety tracking module
  • Payroll