When it comes to major projects and turnarounds in the industrial sector, precision, efficiency, and expertise are paramount. In this highly specialized field, BOSS has established itself as a trusted name with decades of experience. BOSS provides a full range of solutions, from critical path projects for units like FCC, coker, crude, hydrocracker, and power plants to in-house engineering services, to address industrial project challenges. BOSS excels in project management, cost controls, scheduling/planning, engineering and mechanical critical path execution. With a track record of successfully handling unit/plant upgrades, revamps, and maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns, BOSS has earned its reputation as a go-to partner for major industrial projects. Its capabilities can make a significant difference in ensuring the success of complex industrial endeavors.

Major Projects & Turnarounds

Our team has been trusted for decades in critical path project work for FCC, coker, crude, hydrocracker and power plant units. For decades, our team has excelled in critical path projects for FCC, coker, crude, hydrocracker, and power plant units. BOSS specializes in project management, cost controls, scheduling, engineering, and mechanical execution for unit/plant upgrades, revamps, and maintenance. 

In the conceptual phase of a capital improvement plan, you can utilize BOSS to aid in developing preliminary budgets and schedules, enabling the identification of unforeseen potential construction complications that typically result in costly budget overruns.

In-House Engineering & Technical Services

BOSS thoroughly investigates the most efficient and economical methods for completing mechanical critical path projects during execution. The engineering department can influence heavy rigging, lift planning, and crane selection, impacting a significant part of the project budget.

  • FCC – Vessel Modifications, Heads Off, Transfer Lines, Cyclones, Slide Valve Removal and Replacement,
  • Air Grids, Expansion Joints, Structure, Drums
  • Coker – Drum Repair and Replacement, Skirt Repair, Structure, Delta Valves, Revamps/Upgrades
  • Crude – Valves, Heater Skin Repair, Burners, Exchangers, Vacuum Column, Drums
  • General Mechanical – Piping, Valves, Heater Skin Repair, Steam Drum Repair, Exchanger Bundle Extraction and Installation